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We are a premier and reputable maid agency in Singapore. We are a fully licensed maid agency in Singapore and have been in this business for over 10 years, providing many Singapore families with full-time maids. As a full service maid agency in Singapore, we are able to provide maids with varied skills such as cooking, baby-sitting, washing, etc. to serve many satisfied Singapore families. Our professional maid agency is fully committed to providing our customers the most compatible full-time or part-time maids in Singapore. Our maids also undergo training before they are posted so that they can adjust to their working environment. Many of these maids come from places like the Philippines and Indonesia. Other countries of origin include Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. Many customers repeatly use our services as they know that our trusted maid employment agency understands their needs and will do our best to provide a suitable maid. We give a 6-months guarantee for maid hiring. This guarantee means the Singapore employer can get a free replacement within that period. Our maid agency pricing is very competitive and you have different service packages to choose from.

Trust Us - We Are a Professional Maid Agency in Singapore

We personally interview and do background checks on our maids contracted to Singapore families. You have the opportunity to interview prospective maids before hiring.

No maid agency can guarantee you a good maid. Do not think that agencies that charge $688 fee will definitely give you a good maid. It all depends on your luck. I had a good maid from a maid agency that charges $88 a few years ago, but I was lucky that time, I knew many people who got bad maids and bad service from this agency.

You can specify your requirements in hiring your ideal maid such as race, language, age, education, marital status, experience and cooking skills. It is a great responsibility to employ a maid and you wouldn't just want anyone to work and live in your home.

As required by the Singapore authorities, our maid agency is fully licensed by the Ministry of Manpower and accredited by the The Association of Employment Agencies. We handle all paperwork and advise on maid levy, medical check-ups, maid transfer, work permits and documentation, bankers guarantee, air-ticketing, etc. Your employment of a maid is hassle-free !

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